We understand that LET 1s are new to all of this so we will have some leniency in the first week, but after that we expect you to work at the best of your abilities (Keep in mind, leniency does not mean you will be excused from any work or manners. We will simply be a little more understanding)

A Guide For A LET 1

Basic Info.

If we do "Call Off Attendance" (We call individual names) respond with "Here (Rank/Title of Cadet)" The cadet calling names should inform you of their title before starting attendance.

There is a Chain Of Command and you are expected to use it (Your company leadership will go more in depth about how this works)

The Teachers of our class, First Sergeant McAuley and Sergeant Smith are not, and will not be referred to as "Sir" at any time. You will always refer to them as their above ranks.

In order to enter the staff room, you must stand outside, knock on the door 3 times and say "Permission to enter", If you hear the response "Enter" you may Open the door, If you do not hear a response, or you hear "Denied" you may not enter. Try again later in the class period

Every day we do something called "Flag Detail", the Companies doing flag detail will change every week. Also the type of flag that will be flown along with the U.S. Flag will be changed every day. This information will be on slides every week. (Your Leadership will expand on this)


All general school rules apply in the JROTC room

You may not Chew gum in the JROTC Room

You may not wear earbuds/ Earphones of any kind in the JROTC Room

Your shirt must be tucked in whenever you are in the JROTC room (There are some exceptions to this rule)

If you have belt loops, you must wear a belt (No Exceptions)

Inappropriate behavior/ language is not tolerated 

When standing up, you must always tuck (push) in your chair

There is a room in the back of the class called "The Staff Room", you may not enter that room unless given special instruction to do so by a member of staff, top 5, or our JROTC instructors

When asked a question like "How is your day?", or "How are you feeling?", always respond with "Outstanding!".

Don't sit at the Company Commander desk unless you are a CC

When To Speak Up

As cadets we expect you to take responsibilities for your actions. If you are getting punished for something wrongful you have done, complete your punishment without talking back. If there has been a misunderstanding, go to your leadership later and explain the situation.

If someone of a higher rank is being inappropriate, you 100% have the right to stand up for yourself. This also includes things like Rank Pulling, Defiance, and Hypocritical actions. Please assess the situation and either deal with the problem and inform other trusted leadership, or walk away from the situation and inform leadership Immediately. (Do Not Take Advantage Of This And Lie. Punishment will be severe)